30 December 2010


Start 2011 off right...come see some art dammit!

This group show is inspired by the group NoGasPipeline.org who are working to prevent a dangerous gas pipeline from being run through Jersey City to transport natural gas to NYC. The work reflects upon how environmental issues such as this will affect our futures both near and far. Are you fearful of a dark future? Or hopeful for a bright one? Do you think everything will continue along the way it is, or will there be drastic differences?

Well...I certainly have strong ideas about a dark future vs. a bright one! This piece from my new series "STOP NUTS!" has quite a voice. Come check it out. When? you ask?

January 4th, 2011
@ LITM ----- 140 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm OPENING RECEPTION

Here's a sneak preview of STOP NUTS #1. It's a hanging sculpture and is a MUST SEE in person! (if I do say so myself)

*****MORE SHOWS and NEWS COMING SOON---More pieces from STOP NUTS will be featured in a gallery show later this month...details to come soon. AND...my photographs from the LOCKED IN series were just accepted into a magazine that will be put out in stands in JUNE 2011.

Pushin' along and making it happen.

08 December 2010

jersey city style

The Little Wonders show at LITM was amazing! Great folks! Old friends and newish friends and brand spankin' new folks as well! The art was a plenty as well as the libations. Prosecco? Who knew! Yummmm!

The show is up hanging for the next month so stop by to visit and perhaps even purchase your own little wonder.

Here are some photos from the evening...

Stay tuned...have a new series I'm working on...completely different stuff...Think METAL and little teeny bit of angst! Ha! Sneak peak photos coming soon!!!!!!!!

05 December 2010


This Tuesday, December 7th...
Come to the opening reception of LITTLE WONDERS

140 Newark Ave @ Grove Street
Jersey City, NJ

Their 4th annual group exhibition of small works. All work may be taken home at time of purchase. Perfect for unique, creative gift giving, or maybe you'll find your own little wonder. Dozens of artists, hundreds of pieces. Don't miss it!!

I have a bunch of "little wonders" in this show! Great Bar, Great Art and of course the Pièce de résistance...ME!


14 November 2010


featuring ME and 6 other artists!

Thursday, November 18 · 7:00pm - 9:00pm


470 Bloomfield Avenue

Montclair, NJ

Anthropologie is celebrating their 1 year anniversary by having local artists display their work. % of sales at the store will go to support the Montclair Art Museum. Whole Foods is catering the whole darn thang.

So bring your appetite for art, food, clothing, accessories and home goods!

06 November 2010


I just got word from the lovely folks over at Gallery U in Montclair, that there was a sale this morning. One of my new pieces SOLD! Yay! I have sold pieces before, but having someone walk into a proper gallery and be moved by my art enough to whip out their wallet and shell out the big bucks...really means something. After letting out a huge, "YAY", accompanied by an even bigger smile...I cried a few happy tears. Happy ones are nice. Having a complete stranger believe in your work is quite an honor! Thank you random woman who now has, "cavity" hanging in her home (workplace? bathroom?)!! And thank you to Robert and Carmen at Gallery U for being just as damned excited as I was about this and for giving me a wall to show a little bit of my heart on.

Stay tuned for upcoming shows. I have a few in the works. :)

25 October 2010

mark your calendars

I was just accepted into a show called "little wonders" in Jersey City...Show will be up for the month of December, but mark your calendars...

Tuesday, December 7th at 7pm show opening!

More details to come soon!!!!!

18 October 2010

i pity the fool who misses this show!

Friday night...the work week is finished...you're a bit exhausted... it's not snowing out...the air is crisp...you would love to do something, IF there was something interesting to do.

THERE IS! Come out and see some artwork! Meeting amazing interesting people...(yes...they do exist in jersey!) And of course...hanging with me and seeing what I've been up to, is really enough reason to get you away from the TV!

Ok...so the AMAZING folks at Gallery U wanted to include my work in their upcoming show, "Camminata". This show is part of Montclair's Gallery Walk. I am completely overwhelmed by the wonderful people running the show over at Gallery U. An instant friendship on a personal and artistic level, was formed when our paths crossed. I thank them so much for believing in me and seeing the beauty in what I create.

See pieces from my "locked" series among many talented artists like Kate Hoos, Donna Marie Costanza, Robert Langdon, Michael Alago, Robert Greco and MANY MORE.

THIS Friday
October 22nd
6-9 pm
Gallery U, 179 Glenridge Ave, Montclair.

The Montclair Arts Council invites you to attend its bi-annual Gallery Walk, ‘A Little Night Art VIII’ on October 22, 2010, from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. MAC invites you to join a tour of 7 participating galleries, 3 retailers exhibiting art, 6 restaurants offering Prix Fixe menus, 2 private museum tours and a gourmet chocolate tasting.

08 October 2010

busy week...

The LITM show in Jersey City and the GALLERY U show in Montclair were both amazing! Met so many great people and talented artists. Thanks to both venues for including me in your shows! Ms Kate Hoos was featured in both shows with me! Check out her blog to see what's happening next in Hoos's World! Here are some pics from the events. Now...DON'T MISS THE NEXT ONE...YOU'RE MISSING ALL THE EXCITEMENT!

Thank you to ALL of my lovely friends for coming out to support me. Sometimes it is not easy, but you still hang in there for it all! Love to you all.

my work hanging at LITM

hoos's eyes!

erica and the hoos at LITM

hoos and talented artist Beth

me and my work at Gallery U
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people near my work at Gallery U

hoos and her work at Gallery U

30 September 2010

E-Zine features little ole me

Please check out the October 2010 Issue of ViralCat.com's E-ZINE!!!!
Viral Cat is a San Fran based zine that publishes 3 times a year featuring poetry, fiction, plays, screenplays, short films, artwork and photography...

the cell

Check it out here!

See "cavity" on page 1 AND scroll down to page 2 to see "the cell" and "open".

I have used these photos in my latest mixed media pieces that will be featured in my 2 upcoming gallery shows, however; I submitted the photographs only to this site to see if they could stand on their own. To my surprise...they did. Thanks Viral Cat!!!!!!

***Please check out Gallery U's site to see some photos of the finished pieces that will be in the October 7th show in Montclair!

20 September 2010

2 New Gallery SHOWS!

I was just accepted into a show at LITM in Jersey City for their Gallery Show entitled SUPERSTITION.

Gallery U has asked me back for another show! Please come check out the show. I can't say enough to praise this place and the people who run it!

LITM----140 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ
Tuesday, October 5th
7 - 10 pm

GALLERY U ----179 Glenridge Ave, Montclair, NJ
Thursday, October 7th
6 - 9 pm

I will have a couple of pieces in this one from my new series, "locked" in each of these shows! These are photos I took at a penitentiary and then mounted them to individually hand rusted sheets of metal which I nailed to sheets of wood that I burned.

Here is one shot from the series...this one is entitled "cavity"

(please excuse the shotty cropping. I don't have photoshop and I'm playing around with some programs to eliminate the background behind my artwork. It's not the greatest, so bear with me through my experimentation of background elimination!) :)


09 September 2010


Gallery U has a new spot in Royal Oak, Michigan. I had a piece in the opening of this beautiful space! Pretty cool to be showing in a state many hours away. Next stop...Chicago? Who knows. Stay tuned...I have a few things in the works!

07 August 2010

the montclair times and me

Check out the photo & article about my work at Gallery U in The Montclair Times this week.

And be sure to check out the Gallery U site for all future events!

21 July 2010

montclair...gallery U

Ok...this would be my first "real" gallery show. I am showing 4 pieces in this group show. It's an amazing place and can't wait to be a part of it! See you there!

GALLERY U was formed by it’s parent company, Universal Institute, a rehabilitation facility for people with Traumatic Brain Injuries and Neurological Impairments. GALLERY U will present artwork by people with disabilities as well as emerging artists from around the country.

29 June 2010

brooklyn was fab!

The show at SUGARLAND in Williamsburg was fabulous! Jarrod, the curator, gives this little bar/gallery such a great vibe with his positively sweet and optimistic demeanor. Please stay tuned, I will be showing again there on July 25th! It's soooo worth the trip to Brooklyn. Great art, live performances and cocktails. Walking distance from some amazing restaurants as well. Mark your calendars!

02 June 2010

the strange life & work of erica resnick

Apparently having a BIO is crucial. I didn't want the norm. I didn't get the norm. I got the brilliant words of Sioux Handschiegel. She is pure genius.

New Jersey is a mystifying place.
Exquisite mountains & meadows surround violent & crumbling neighborhoods.
It is a State of great wealth.
It is a State of great starvation.
New Jersey is a strange place.

It is not surprising, then, that this is the birthplace of Erica Resnick. It would take a land of contradiction to create an artist of such versatility & brilliance.

Or maybe it wasn’t even New Jersey that inspired her art. Maybe it was growing up, sawdust covered, in her Grandfather’s hardware store. Maybe it was the simple coming of age in a decaying world.

Hell, maybe the woman’s just insane.

Whatever the motivation, Erica Resnick combines the most delicate of photographic subject matter with the brutality of heavy metal. Literally & figuratively.

She confronts the world with sadism & innocence. Her art screams a hybrid of reality
& an almost eagerly awaited apocalypse.

You can scream along.

Erica’s art engages all the senses. She has neither the time nor the inclination to be merely a visual artist. Her jagged nails can rip the skin of an elbow. The smell of her burnt wood strikes primitive fear in the collective unconscious.

& the photographs themselves...they are from a time none of us know or can remember. They are the simple representation of our deeply hidden desire to find a way
any way – home.

Erica Resnick is a chaos magician. Her work repels & entices. Her mixture of confusion & order is a stark tribute to a schizophrenic world.

God Protect our Honest Outlaws

23 May 2010


Come to my next Gallery Event in Jersey City

THIS Friday, May 28th at the Alley Cat Gallery.

Coles Street (between 4th and 5th).
(PLUG 78 Coles Street into your gps to get you to the area. Gallery is down the ALLEY!)

Music, Art, Jewelry, Accessories, Hand mixed Cocktails and Vegan Beauty products!
+ Alley Cat Gallery
+ Lollibomb Beauty
+ Howdy Sailor
+ Erica Resnick
+ DJ Hoosatron
+ Joanne Simmons

Cool little Gallery Spot. Don't miss it! Bring your friends!

***Mark your calendars for Sunday, June 27th...got my first NY show!!!! Details to come soon!

09 May 2010

sample work posted!

I finally got around to figuring out how to post a little video stream of pics of some of my work. Check it out on the right side of the screen. Tell your friends! Remember to mark your calendar for Friday, MAY 28th in Jersey City. Details to come soooooooooooooon!

05 May 2010

beds, lazy-boys, nightstands and art...

ever wonder what 32 pieces of outstanding artwork would look like above some hideous manly man furniture? No need to wonder! Tom and I had a lot of fun with our friends, jumping from sofa to sofa and alarming strange art viewers with the gospel of Big-Boned Cats! the book. If you like what you see...you can find more of Tom's stuff at www.bigbonedcats.com (buy a copy of this FANTABULOUS book for your mama for mother's day!) and www.theblack100s.com (for music and drawings)

Here are a few pics from the Art Benefit for the Wayne Animal Shelter!

Thanks again to Filomena for thinking of us! Next show...more patrons, more art, less furniture! Stay tuned for news on another upcoming show I'm in on May 28th!

29 April 2010

THIS SUNDAY! art benefit for the wayne animal shelter

THIS SUNDAY, May 2nd, come out and support the Wayne Animal Shelter as local artists and vendors come together to raise money to help these little guys!

Featuring ME and a small showing of my pieces

Thomas Handschiegel----Up-and-Coming Artist and Author
(check out www.bigbonedcats.com and www.theblack100s.com )

Pink Velvet Bird----Vegan Accessories and Jewelry
(check out www.pinkvelvetbird.blogspot.com and www.pinkvelvetbird.etsy.com )

Hope to see you there! Here's the info!

A-Z Furniture Gallery Buiding
675 Pompton Ave (Rte 23)
Cedar Grove, NJ (2.5 miles south of Willowbrook Mall)

News about upcoming shows coming soon! :)

22 April 2010

spring is for photo snappin'

As soon as that sun started a'shinin' I felt the urge to start snapping! It can only get more intense from here! Winter was for creating the art around the photos, but I wasn't taking many pics. Spring and Summer are ALL about snapping the beauty, grit and filth of this world. Just wanted to share a few photos I snapped recently in the city. Feedback welcome!!!!!!

No shows right now...working on some prospects though and of course I will keep you informed when something comes up.

:) enjoy

24 March 2010

the festival update

The Digable Arts Festival has come and gone. It was an amazing experience. Met so many talented, interesting people. My favorite of the bunch being Miss Kate Hoos. Check out her blog http://hoosatron.blogspot.com We had the most amazing room of art, music and laughter for 2 full days. I received such amazing feedback from friends, family and total strangers. Stay tuned....hopefully another show coming up really soon.

For now...COME TO THE LOOP LOUNGE THIS FRIDAY, MARCH 26th. To see the art of Miss Kate Hoos, my friends Kristy and Tim and of course my Thomas's work will be displayed as well as his book, big boned cats. http://bigbonedcats.com/home.html Come support these artists. Oh...it's also a fundraiser for an animal rescue group, so you MUST come ! :)

Here are some pics from the Digable event. Ahhhhhh