27 July 2016

industrial chic art exhibition

This Friday, July 29th!    I will have 4 pieces in this show

You should probably come.

190 Christopher Columbus Drive, Jersey City, NJ
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

cover art by andrea brooke d'alessandro

Inspired by the industrial feel of the newly renovated 190 Columbus Drive building, this show brings together artwork that references the aesthetics of industry:  metallic textures, gears and wires, raw spaces.

Artists include:
Andrea McKenna
Andrea Brooke D'alessandro
Ann Harwood
Catalina Aranguren
Christine Johanns
Erica Resnick
Jayne Freeman
Joe Waks
Kayt Hester

Shilpa Gowda
Theda Sandiford

15 July 2016

sold...sold....& sold

Huge thank ya to Emerge Gallery and Robert Langdon for believing in my work.  3...I said THREE pieces of my work were sold in the last couple of weeks!   Please check out Emerge up in Saugerties, NY.    There are so many great pieces of art available this space!  Gems I tell you!  Some of the artwork at the gallery is also available to purchase through their website. Check them out:  www.emergegalleryny.com
 "I choose sadness"

" not quite"


06 July 2016


EKPHRASIS is art that inspires other art.  

Robert Langdon's poem, "The Hunter, The Bear and Little Cape" inspired me to create "Faire des Choix"

"Faire des Choix' is an assemblage piece (which seemed like a natural progression for my work).  Faire des Choix is about life's many doors and the ones we choose to open and those we choose to ignore.  The choices we make can lead to emptiness...can lead to the wrong path...can lead to everything.  Can be layered and hidden and hard to manage.  Can be easy, yet not true to ourselves.  Each "door" represented in this piece is a path that we can choose to determine our future.  With no guidance and no predictions...we can only learn from past doors that have closed, which ones to choose to open next.