24 June 2011

A Pretty Girl

my pieces in the show...(They are way better in person, so go check em out LIVE!!!)

A Pretty Girl #397

A Pretty Girl #398

A Pretty Girl #399

6:23 show was great! Thanks to ALL of my people that came out to support me. A lot of new people in my life and people coming back into my life too! So nice to have your support!!!!

For those who missed it, you can STILL see all of the art in the 6:23 show at Gallery U. It's all hanging up for the next month or so. So stop by 179 Glenridge Ave, Montclair, during Gallery hours to check out the art!! Again...ALL of the pieces in this show are ONLY $60.23!!! So go get yourself some art!

19 June 2011

6:23 six twenty three

Gallery U presents "6:23" a collection of contemporary affordable artwork priced at $60.23. That's right...art you can afford!!!!! DON'T MISS THIS!
(I have 3 pieces in this show!)

See you there!

Thursday, 6/23
Opening with the artists from 6-9.

179 Glenridge Avenue, Montclair, NJ

16 June 2011

resnick (and friends) in print

My photos have just been published in Phosphorescence Magazine! (Along with the writings of Siouxzin Handschiegel and a review of The Black100s newest album, Fins.)

You can order a copy of the magazine
Download it for free!


"In this issue, check out Teseleanu George's interview of Eric Robinson, the work of artists Amanda Cabanillas, Gillian Fournier, Susan Handschiegel, and Erica Resnick, a review of Garrett D. Tiedemann's short film The Disappearance of M, and music reviews of The Black100s, Jerry Costanzo, and Mutant Press. PLEASE NOTE: This issue is meant for mature audiences because of explicit language and violent subject matter. "

13 June 2011

Watch the Magic at the O>Matic Studio!

If you didn't see it LIVE, you can STILL watch it! On your computer or on your smartphone...Check out this episode of The Chris O>Matic Show with ME as the guest!

Super fun! Don't miss it! WATCH IT HERE or at www.omatics.net
(look for the 6/13/11 show)

Here's a photo of Chris and Skippy holding the awesome piece of art that Skippy made just for me!! (I had a chat with Skippy after the show about gummy bears and their awful ingredient of gelatin! Skippy is contemplating a vegan lifestyle)

Thanks to Chris, Tobor, Skippy and even Pat Erson for having me on! I had the best time!!!! Thanks to all of the folks who tuned in to watch! Means a lot!!!!

Tune in each Monday for a new episode of the Chris O>Matic Show!

To check out the artists, galleries and upcoming shows mentioned on tonight's episode...look here!
Gallery U
Robert P. Langdon
Robert Greco

11 June 2011

ME on the little screen!

Well...I guess it depends on how big your monitor is!

I will be the guest on this week's episode of The Chris O'Matic Show. It's a webcast brought to you live each week! There are cartoons, videos, puppets, dancin', Chris, Tobor, Skippy and ME!

What more could you want ?!?!

Please tune in LIVE on
MONDAY, June 13th at 7:00 pm.

You can participate LIVE in the chat room with Chris, Me and the whole gang!
You can also CALL IN! SKYPE in Instant Messages! It's tons of fun for everyone!

So...set your phone reminders! Mark your calendars! And...I'll see you there!

05 June 2011

"Punk" Art Show at The Irish!

"Punk" Art Show and Flea Market!

You should come. It will be better than lima beans and most definitely equally as good as a nice pinto.

Friday, June 10th from 9pm to 1am, at The Irish, 95 Kearny Ave, Kearny, NJ

Local artists' work on display / alcohol/ DJs playing "punk" music+
and a COLLECTIBLES FLEA MARKET, all in one night!


See You There!!!!!!

And stay tuned for news about an upcoming web show (The Chris O'Matic Show) that I will be a guest on next week! Mark your calendars, Monday, June 13th @ 7:00pm. Details to follow soon!!!!!!