30 December 2010


Start 2011 off right...come see some art dammit!

This group show is inspired by the group NoGasPipeline.org who are working to prevent a dangerous gas pipeline from being run through Jersey City to transport natural gas to NYC. The work reflects upon how environmental issues such as this will affect our futures both near and far. Are you fearful of a dark future? Or hopeful for a bright one? Do you think everything will continue along the way it is, or will there be drastic differences?

Well...I certainly have strong ideas about a dark future vs. a bright one! This piece from my new series "STOP NUTS!" has quite a voice. Come check it out. When? you ask?

January 4th, 2011
@ LITM ----- 140 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm OPENING RECEPTION

Here's a sneak preview of STOP NUTS #1. It's a hanging sculpture and is a MUST SEE in person! (if I do say so myself)

*****MORE SHOWS and NEWS COMING SOON---More pieces from STOP NUTS will be featured in a gallery show later this month...details to come soon. AND...my photographs from the LOCKED IN series were just accepted into a magazine that will be put out in stands in JUNE 2011.

Pushin' along and making it happen.

08 December 2010

jersey city style

The Little Wonders show at LITM was amazing! Great folks! Old friends and newish friends and brand spankin' new folks as well! The art was a plenty as well as the libations. Prosecco? Who knew! Yummmm!

The show is up hanging for the next month so stop by to visit and perhaps even purchase your own little wonder.

Here are some photos from the evening...

Stay tuned...have a new series I'm working on...completely different stuff...Think METAL and little teeny bit of angst! Ha! Sneak peak photos coming soon!!!!!!!!

05 December 2010


This Tuesday, December 7th...
Come to the opening reception of LITTLE WONDERS

140 Newark Ave @ Grove Street
Jersey City, NJ

Their 4th annual group exhibition of small works. All work may be taken home at time of purchase. Perfect for unique, creative gift giving, or maybe you'll find your own little wonder. Dozens of artists, hundreds of pieces. Don't miss it!!

I have a bunch of "little wonders" in this show! Great Bar, Great Art and of course the Pièce de résistance...ME!