02 April 2013


I have a couple of pieces in this small works show!!!!!!!! 

This is the shop where my "Aunt Cindy" line of clothing, accessories and jewelry are sold.  The store will be open for the night of course, so as you check out the art...you can shop too!  FUN!  See you there!

4 South Fullerton Ave
Montclair, NJ
FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 2013
6-9 pm

Atelier presents PETITE, an art show of smaller sized works of various mediums and styles. Participating artists include: ME and...Owen Ambrose, Paul Andress, William Beam, Laura Petrovich Cheney, Naruki Kukita, Vanessa Lucas, Ellen Martin, Mira Mitrova, Maria Verni Porter, Suzanne Ritger, Geri Visco, Jenni Ward, Kira Yustak, Nicole Zanetakos, and Sherri Zuckerman. Curated by Robert Langdon for Atelier.

ABOUT ATELIER: Atelier is a showroom in downtown Montclair which features Haute Couture, Art and Design.

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