30 January 2013

squeeze some greatness into a 4" x 6" please

I participated in this awesome event once again!  Thousands of postcards up for charity!  It was Visual Aids 25th Anniversary and the Postcards from the Edge event was amazing!  My work hung on the gallery walls with John Waters, Robert Langdon, Robert Greco, Jeff Koons, Vanessa Lucas, Carmen Bury, Michael Alago, Rob Ordonez, Geary Marcello and thousands more!  Here are a few pics from the event.

Visual Aids Postcards from the Edge

 (Some upcoming art events happening, so stay tuned!)

                                                          My piece

                                                   Me and my piece

                                  The walls (my piece bottom left)

                                                        My Roberts.
           My boys again.  Robert Langdon & Robert Greco

                                              busy night!

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