13 June 2011

Watch the Magic at the O>Matic Studio!

If you didn't see it LIVE, you can STILL watch it! On your computer or on your smartphone...Check out this episode of The Chris O>Matic Show with ME as the guest!

Super fun! Don't miss it! WATCH IT HERE or at www.omatics.net
(look for the 6/13/11 show)

Here's a photo of Chris and Skippy holding the awesome piece of art that Skippy made just for me!! (I had a chat with Skippy after the show about gummy bears and their awful ingredient of gelatin! Skippy is contemplating a vegan lifestyle)

Thanks to Chris, Tobor, Skippy and even Pat Erson for having me on! I had the best time!!!! Thanks to all of the folks who tuned in to watch! Means a lot!!!!

Tune in each Monday for a new episode of the Chris O>Matic Show!

To check out the artists, galleries and upcoming shows mentioned on tonight's episode...look here!
Gallery U
Robert P. Langdon
Robert Greco

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