06 November 2010


I just got word from the lovely folks over at Gallery U in Montclair, that there was a sale this morning. One of my new pieces SOLD! Yay! I have sold pieces before, but having someone walk into a proper gallery and be moved by my art enough to whip out their wallet and shell out the big bucks...really means something. After letting out a huge, "YAY", accompanied by an even bigger smile...I cried a few happy tears. Happy ones are nice. Having a complete stranger believe in your work is quite an honor! Thank you random woman who now has, "cavity" hanging in her home (workplace? bathroom?)!! And thank you to Robert and Carmen at Gallery U for being just as damned excited as I was about this and for giving me a wall to show a little bit of my heart on.

Stay tuned for upcoming shows. I have a few in the works. :)

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