18 October 2010

i pity the fool who misses this show!

Friday night...the work week is finished...you're a bit exhausted... it's not snowing out...the air is crisp...you would love to do something, IF there was something interesting to do.

THERE IS! Come out and see some artwork! Meeting amazing interesting people...(yes...they do exist in jersey!) And of course...hanging with me and seeing what I've been up to, is really enough reason to get you away from the TV!

Ok...so the AMAZING folks at Gallery U wanted to include my work in their upcoming show, "Camminata". This show is part of Montclair's Gallery Walk. I am completely overwhelmed by the wonderful people running the show over at Gallery U. An instant friendship on a personal and artistic level, was formed when our paths crossed. I thank them so much for believing in me and seeing the beauty in what I create.

See pieces from my "locked" series among many talented artists like Kate Hoos, Donna Marie Costanza, Robert Langdon, Michael Alago, Robert Greco and MANY MORE.

THIS Friday
October 22nd
6-9 pm
Gallery U, 179 Glenridge Ave, Montclair.

The Montclair Arts Council invites you to attend its bi-annual Gallery Walk, ‘A Little Night Art VIII’ on October 22, 2010, from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. MAC invites you to join a tour of 7 participating galleries, 3 retailers exhibiting art, 6 restaurants offering Prix Fixe menus, 2 private museum tours and a gourmet chocolate tasting.


  1. hahahaha. i love the title to this post! hell yes! i'll be there and i mentioned you in my blog as well!

  2. ps where is the link to my blog on this!!!?!?!?! =p ooh let me double check that i have you linked on mine before i complain too loudly. haha

  3. ok hoosy...I did something even better...you're permanently on the link-ity-link-links! muah!