20 September 2010

2 New Gallery SHOWS!

I was just accepted into a show at LITM in Jersey City for their Gallery Show entitled SUPERSTITION.

Gallery U has asked me back for another show! Please come check out the show. I can't say enough to praise this place and the people who run it!

LITM----140 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ
Tuesday, October 5th
7 - 10 pm

GALLERY U ----179 Glenridge Ave, Montclair, NJ
Thursday, October 7th
6 - 9 pm

I will have a couple of pieces in this one from my new series, "locked" in each of these shows! These are photos I took at a penitentiary and then mounted them to individually hand rusted sheets of metal which I nailed to sheets of wood that I burned.

Here is one shot from the series...this one is entitled "cavity"

(please excuse the shotty cropping. I don't have photoshop and I'm playing around with some programs to eliminate the background behind my artwork. It's not the greatest, so bear with me through my experimentation of background elimination!) :)


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