05 May 2010

beds, lazy-boys, nightstands and art...

ever wonder what 32 pieces of outstanding artwork would look like above some hideous manly man furniture? No need to wonder! Tom and I had a lot of fun with our friends, jumping from sofa to sofa and alarming strange art viewers with the gospel of Big-Boned Cats! the book. If you like what you see...you can find more of Tom's stuff at www.bigbonedcats.com (buy a copy of this FANTABULOUS book for your mama for mother's day!) and www.theblack100s.com (for music and drawings)

Here are a few pics from the Art Benefit for the Wayne Animal Shelter!

Thanks again to Filomena for thinking of us! Next show...more patrons, more art, less furniture! Stay tuned for news on another upcoming show I'm in on May 28th!

1 comment:

  1. But we all did look really good on that white sofa! HAHAHAHA!