09 January 2010

all about e

just getting this site up and running and quite excited about it. i started taking photographs a few years ago and decided a few months ago that i would like to do something with them. i knew that i definitely wanted to do something with textures as that seems to be what draws me in to art in the first place. i found that playing with wood, nails, epoxy, fire and ink, i could create something that screams erica. and i believe i have done just that. if you click the pics to ENLARGE them, many of the photos in the pieces themselves have a texture to them, an almost crackling, smearing that i have done, besides the obvious textures of the wood, nails and burning. most of these first pieces i have posted are about 1 inch thick and range from 5" x 5" to 5" x 7" to 7" x 9" in size.

i participated in my first art show in december, and it was awesome to just get my stuff out there and have it be seen by others. Post show...i now have pieces hanging in three different homes. not a bad start.

so...check out some of my pieces. bookmark my website and keep checking back for new blog postings and pictures. feel free to leave comments...i love to hear feedback. i have two possible shows in the works and of course i will keep you up to date on any art shows i will be involved in.

thanks for checking me out on www.ericaresnick.com and stop by often!


  1. This is SO great! Never seen stuff like this before!!! YEAAAAAHHHH CUZ!

  2. irene resnick10 January, 2010

    Love the work, very proud!

  3. Wow Erica!! Really awesome!! congrats

  4. work it lady!

  5. Rich Brunelle09 April, 2010

    Hi Erica,
    Enjoyed viewing your art. Brenda just visited the MOMA and saw Tim Burton--unique, to say the least.
    See you Monday.
    Have you seen "Behanding"yet? I have a deal for you if you haven't.

    Rich Brunelle